The Leadership Benefits of Workplace Yoga

The Leadership Benefits of Workplace Yoga   The lessons I’ve learned on the yoga mat have influenced my leadership style and my entire relationship with work. We all want to work hard and only become disengaged when we feel unappreciated and unsupported. I’ve seen previously top performers blamed or ostracised for becoming disengaged when the […]

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chair yoga

Why Interest in Chair Yoga is Surging

Have you stalled getting buy-in for your workplace yoga class without enough commitment from the team? Chair yoga could be the answer. It requires no yoga mat or additional props, no more space than you already have around your desk and can be inserted easily between existing meetings. Over the last year we’ve seen a […]

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A Natural Sleep Aid

It’s common after a busy or stressful day to need a little bit of help to unwind. This exercise helps us transition into sleep and involves progressive muscle relaxation and a slowing of the breath. You may like to record yourself or someone else speaking these instructions for you to listen to as you drift […]

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