Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Started with Workplace Yoga


Some of the most commonly asked questions about workplace yoga are covered below. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, do get in touch via the contact page. We’d love to hear from you.


What if we don’t have a large space for practicing?

No problem! Although a traditional yoga class involves practicing on a mat, virtual workplace yoga classes are designed to make the most of available space. We like to be flexible on and off the mat! We can do standing and chair-based classes to bring all of the benefits of yoga and relaxation to any office environment. We’ve even been known to get creative with walls and desks to help us stretch.

Are classes drop-in or must employees commit to a block?

This is entirely up to you and there are benefits to each approach. Running your sessions on a drop-in basis allows more flexibility to work around changing schedules and holidays and can give more people the chance to try workplace yoga. Some organisations prefer running in blocks so we can work progressively and develop as a cohort who may not ordinarily get the chance to work closely together. We’re happy to advise on this.

What if we’ve got total beginners and experienced yogis in our group?

Great! Our classes are designed to be accessible to anyone with a body and an open mind. We deliberately stay away from using Sanskrit words, Mantra chanting or other potentially intimidating and unnecessary barriers to the benefits of yoga. There will always be variations in each movement offered to cater for every body and emphasise an inward focus instead of striving to be competitive. This lesson is one of the most powerful ones to follow us off the mat as well.

Do you offer a free trial?

We don’t offer a free trial as it’s important to us that we work exclusively with organisations and leaders deeply committed to wellbeing and willing to invest in their employee experience. The benefits are stronger when we’re aligned in our wellness goals from the outset. We do, however, offer a workplace yoga Taster Class for any organisation that would like to try out our approach and get some feedback from staff before committing longer term. 

What if my company doesn’t have the budget to pay for workplace yoga?

We can still work together! If you can sign up between 5 and 15 colleagues and are willing to fund the classes yourself it is still cost-effective to bring us in. In fact, the average cost per person is less than an equivalent studio class – and there’s no need to leave the office. You may even find that after a few weeks of showing off your new found zen, your boss is convinced of the benefits of workplace yoga and finds the budget to support you!

Do you provide yoga mats?

We no longer provide mats for in-house classes. The majority of our work is virtual and so each individual will be advised to have a mat or a soft surface to work on if we’re doing mat work together. We can arrange bulk orders of yoga mats with notice if required. Many of our sessions are now chair yoga which don’t require any equipment aside from your existing office chair. 

Can you work with shared/co-working offices?

Yes! We’re happy to work with groups of co-workers from different organisations. We’ve even forged connections between neighbouring companies through space or video sharing via workplace yoga!

Do you work with larger class sizes too?

Yes! We happily work with larger organisations but tend to find 20-30 people is a good size to be comfortable. We can run classes back-to-back or meet multiple times per week to accommodate larger groups. If you’d like to run a single class with more than 30 people we have options for you too!

What video meeting tool do you use?

We typically ask our clients to provide meetings links using their usual tool. This vastly reduces any accessibility or usability issues for your team. If you don’t have a subscription to Zoom or Teams, we recommend Google Meet as a free alternative and can set this up for you if required. If you wish to take advantage of the option to record and store your sessions, that must be done via your own tool and agreed in advance.


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