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We’re not ashamed to call ourselves geeks on the subject of workplace wellbeing and share articles, reflections and research to help you build your business case for a wellbeing-centric organisation. We try to summarise and pull out key points in external white papers and studies to boost your internal presentations and help get workplace wellbeing up the corporate agenda.


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Three important yoga teachings that are amplified in a virtual world

As the season changes, this might be the first time we can remember, we’re no longer required to wrap up and head out into the increasing cold and darkness. Here are a three other benefits of workplace yoga that are being amplified in the virtual setting.

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Zoom Yoga: What We've Learned by Taking it Online

At the start of the pandemic we were worried we’d have to postpone many classes. So many clients are office and call centre workers who’ve been forced into home working. We quickly found demand increased, for these reasons.

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A Natural Sleep Aid

It’s common after a busy or stressful day to need a little bit of help to unwind. This exercise helps […]

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The Energising Breath (Kapalabhati)

This breath exercise focuses on a short, sharp exhale through the nose. It’s useful whenever we feel a little bit […]

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The Happiness Illusion

Happiness is what we all ultimately seek and want for those we love but without a full appreciation of what it really means, we can thwart our efforts to attain it.

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The De-Stress Breath (Coherent Breathing)

In moments of stress, it’s not always possible to simply will ourselves to relax but we can take control of our breathing to create the physical conditions that prevent stress from overtaking us.

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3 Easy and Creative Ways to Engage Working Parents

In honour of National Work Life Week, here’s 3 simple but effective ways to engage and support working parents. Small […]

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Why We’re Still Not Taking Employee Wellbeing Seriously

I lived the business case for employee wellbeing for over a decade. Playing the role of burnt-out employee, deeply committed […]

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