Have you stalled getting buy-in for your workplace yoga class without enough commitment from the team? Chair yoga could be the answer. It requires no yoga mat or additional props, no more space than you already have around your desk and can be inserted easily between existing meetings. Over the last year we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for chair yoga, both as regular weekly classes and as part of workplace wellbeing days and events.

Its a great option for those who want to experience the benefits of traditional yoga but don’t have the space or desire to roll out a mat every time they want to practice. Unlike a mat-based session, you don’t have to leave your desk to take part and no additional props are required. You really only need clothes that let you move freely.

Why chair yoga is great for remote workers

If you’re part of the 40% of UK workers regularly working from home or simply spending long hours sitting at a desk, you may feel anxiety, stress, and stiffness are a regular part of your workday. Thankfully, a chair yoga break may be just the solution to alleviate these issues and improve your overall well-being to boot.

One of the greatest benefits is its ability to help relieve stress and increase mental clarity almost instantly. With simple and mindful movements, chair yoga helps employees reset energy and regain focus throughout the day. By practicing deep breathing techniques alongside gentle yoga poses, employees can expect to feel stress levels drop in a matter of minutes.

In addition to the many mental benefits, it can quickly loosen up tightness such as in the neck, shoulders, and back – common trouble spots for desk-bound employees. The simple poses and sequences learned in a chair yoga session can be easily weaved into any working day.

Using the chair as a prop

Far from a watered down version of traditional mat based yoga sessions, using a chair as a prop can add variety and depth to your yoga practice.

A chair can be especially helpful for maintaining good alignment in poses that can feel more challenging on the floor. The chair seat provides support and can also be used to deepen stretches. Additionally, chairs with wheels can be used to challenge balance and stability if you’re feeling daring!

At Well Work Yoga, we tailor all sessions to the needs of the specific group we’re working with. You’ll be encouraged to listen to your body and adjust the poses as necessary. You always know your own body best.

If you’re ready to give chair yoga a try, get in touch today.

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