Weekly Virtual Yoga Classes


Regular virtual yoga classes are a great way to embed wellness rituals within your hybrid team. If you’re ready to commit to making space in the week to connect, recharge and reduce burnout, these office yoga sessions are a fantastic choice. They make a great addition to your existing wellbeing benefits and are designed to connect workers in multiple locations. A regular commitment allows you to learn something new together and connect colleagues that may not often meet.


Virtual yoga classes are accessible and inclusive for team socials as they don’t require additional travel and balance the fast-paced, ‘always-on’ nature of hybrid work. For those with caring responsibilities, a yoga class at work is a highly valuable opportunity to destress. Sometimes we all need someone to give us permission to switch off!


Your Virtual Yoga Class Includes

  • Pre-class survey to identify top focus areas for your team
  • The option for traditional mat-based classes, ‘desk yoga’ or a combination (we can help you choose!)
  • 30, 45 and 60 minute session slots available
  • The option to record your personalised live classes for continued internal use and increased engagement
  • Fully insured and qualified teacher experienced in workplace yoga delivery


The Mood Improvement Guarantee

And Why We Focus on Mood


The Well Work Mood Improvement Guarantee means we’ll refund the cost of your class if there’s no improvement in your team’s mood straight away.


The reason we do this is because good moods are contagious, and positive emotions help us build mental, emotional and psychological resources. These resources make it easier to connect with our colleagues and feel more confident and competent in our work.


Because we focus on mood, rather than a longer-term or ambiguous success metric like productivity, creativity or employee retention, we’re able to enjoy success immediately. Success is motivating.


So we use mood because it is easy to understand, regardless of our work goals or job titles. It is also something we can feel in the body and understand with the mind, which is a powerful route to learning any new skill.


Contact us to learn more about this option or to discuss setting up your virtual office yoga classes.



Michelle Lawless

Founder / Flawless Marketing

"The corporate experience behind Well Work enabled them to really understand the reality of the burnout I was suffering and their authentic approach was refreshing. The advice and teaching style were so inspiring it helped me make necessary changes that have vastly improved my overall wellbeing! Highly recommended!

Hannah Watson

Senior Clinical Researcher / Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd.

"Jade is a fantastic yoga teacher. Jade's classes always have a lovely flow to them, and she is able to give lots of variation to suit different levels, including making classes safe during pregnancy. I've attended both in person and virtual classes; Jade has a great set up for virtual classes. Highly recommend!"

Louise Browne

Project Manager / Storm ID

“I really appreciate the benefits of yoga and wouldn’t have time to commit to doing it otherwise. It just makes such a difference to start the week in a relaxed, healthy way that gives you energy for all upcoming challenges.”


Office Support / H&M

“My first yoga experience and this will now definitely be part of my life. Thank you!”


Senior Project Manager / LEIA

“Great gentle exercise after a whole day of meetings sitting in front of the computer – it really helps with back and neck stiffness.”