We are currently running all regular and taster sessions remotely online. Contact us for more information about our work from home format.


Office Yoga and Relaxation Classes


Our office yoga classes were created from personal experience of using yoga to recover from chronic stress and professional burn out. So we understand the physical and mental demands that occur when our work is fast-paced and desk-based, because we’ve been there ourselves. Office yoga is a powerful and effective way to help employees manage stress, build resilience and reverse the impact of sitting all day. It also shows employees just how much their wellbeing is worth.  


We’re committed to ensuring every-body feels comfortable and confident from their very first class – regardless of their yoga experience or position at work. We want to help you to address stress and burn out before it becomes a business liability by offering practical tools to support high performing teams.


Whether you’re a growth-oriented CEO, an HR leader passionate about your employees’ wellbeing, or an employee that wants to better manage stress and connect with your team, office yoga can help you reach your full potential together. 




Build Resilience and Protect Against Burn Out

Build Resilience and Protect Against Burn Out

Office yoga encourages us to see work stress objectively and turn that energy into fuel. We turn on ‘The Relaxation Response’ and offer an attractive and affordable way to support highly-functioning, happy teams – the foundation for a stable, predictable and growing organisation.

Enhance Intra and Inter Team Communication

Enhance Intra and Inter Team Communication

Well Work Yoga classes use physical postures and specific meditation practices that encourage self-reflection and build empathy, appropriate for the professional environment. Why not serve your next company ‘Happy Hour’ on the yoga mat?

Harness the Super Power of Posture

Harness the Super Power of Posture

Opening the posture, the original purpose of yoga, has been proven to boost self-esteem, mood, and breadth of thinking. Taking a break from the desk to move and breathe efficiently has a profound impact at work – enhancing collaboration, productivity and focus.

Give a Great Employee Experience

Give a Great Employee Experience

Offering accessible office yoga and relaxation classes sends a clear message – ‘we’re committed to you, your health and wellbeing’. When employees feel genuinely valued, they’re more likely to go above and beyond, creating a winning cycle of appreciation and respect.


What to Expect from Office Yoga


We are sensitive to the dynamics of the workplace and experienced at creating a safe and respectful environment for all levels and abilities. 

You can choose standing or chair-supported classes for smaller office spaces too. 


  • We don't believe Sanskrit words or mantra chanting are necessary to get all the benefits of yoga and relaxation

  • You won't need to shower after class or buy any fancy clothing to take part

  • There's no pushing, binding or striving with Well Work - just you, your body and your mat

  • We offer a Mood Improvement Guarantee because we want you to feel the benefits from your first class


The Mood Improvement Guarantee

And Why We Focus on Mood


The Well Work Mood Improvement Guarantee means we’ll refund the cost of your class if there’s no improvement in your team’s mood straight away. 


The reason we do this is because good moods are contagious, and positive emotions help us build mental, emotional and psychological resources. These resources make it easier to connect with our colleagues and feel more confident and competent in our work.


Because we focus on mood, rather than a longer-term or ambiguous success metric like productivity, creativity or employee retention, we’re able to enjoy success immediately. Success is motivating.


So we use mood because it is easy to understand, regardless of our work goals or job titles. It is also something we can feel in the body and understand with the mind, which is a powerful route to learning any new skill. 



Michelle Lawless

Founder / Flawless Marketing

"The corporate experience behind Well Work enabled them to really understand the reality of the burnout I was suffering and their authentic approach was refreshing. The advice and teaching style were so inspiring it helped me make necessary changes that have vastly improved my overall wellbeing! Highly recommended!

Louise Browne

Project Manager / Storm ID

“I really appreciate the benefits of yoga and wouldn’t have time to commit to doing it otherwise. It just makes such a difference to start the week in a relaxed, healthy way that gives you energy for all upcoming challenges.”

Stefan Videv

Director of Engineering / LiFi

"The class has helped me relax and forget about the stress at work, as well as raise my overall fitness level."

Hayley Griffin

Secretary / Legal Services

"As a non-athlete I felt very comfortable in class. I was encouraged but never felt in competition with others. A great environment to try something new – & feel like new too.”

Gabriel Shpilt

Founder / Cross the T

"I love her class because Jade is the first yoga teacher I’ve had (and I’ve had many) to really address the areas of the body that are affected by working at a desk all day. I always leave this class refreshed and balanced, with my knots and stiff parts relieved."



Featured Options


Virtual Yoga (Pre-recorded)
From £50Per Class
  • Designed to allow employees to practice at a time that suits their schedule and commitments
  • 6 week blocks
  • 30 and 45 minute options
  • Committing to weekly sessions lets us work progressively and have maximum impact over the long term
Virtual Yoga (Live)
From £70Per Class
  • Ideal for bringing teams together
  • 30 or 45 minutes
  • Delivered via Zoom
  • Unlimited participants within your organisation
  • Option to design for seated, standing or mat-based sessions
Meeting Movement Break (Virtual)
From £150Per Class
  • Designed for breaking up intense, primarily seated meetings - try this when problem solving, creative thinking and teambuilding are required
  • Ideal for delivering wellbeing agendas in an experiential way
  • Suitable for any group size
  • Options to integrate seated meditation and relaxation exercises – we’ll talk to you beforehand to discuss the vibe of your meeting
  • Reduce common energy slumps throughout your day to boost productivity, spark innovation and maximise your time together


As well as regular yoga at work classes, we offer yoga ‘Happy Hours’ and would love to talk to you about including office yoga and relaxation into any upcoming wellbeing events or training sessions you are working on.